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Can you help harold Miller get elected mayor of San Francisco?

1432470302517519773738 I need all the help I can get so please if you have suggestions make them,  Financial means donate them, locations give them, we need a mayor that cares about the citizens of San Francisco, Harold Miller is that mayor , please help.


Hello world! my name is Harold Miller of San Francisco and I am running for mayor always until the day I win or die, short and sweet

Hello my name is Harold Miller and it is true I am running for mayor of San Francisco. A city where the government is standing on the necks,of its citizens, they have been thrown out of their homes, they have been denied jobs throughout the city, on city contracts, on private contracts,  on private developments. The unemployment rate for the black community is roughly 75 percent,  the crime rate in San Francisco is skyrocketing especially against the tourest.

My job as mayor is the bring  happiness and fun back to San Francisco by any means necessary. Homes for homeless and more shelters and feeding the homeless and  hungry children and saving water by  my program called ” Pee 5 times, flush once ” I want to thank you for your support in my endeavor and may  God have mercy on the city of San Francisco’s citizens. that is all